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Graduate from Imperial College
Master from Stanford
IDA Scholar

As Director, Strategic Partnership, my job is to ensure that gamers across Asia have ready access to League of Legends, and that they have an amazing experience every time they log on. The breadth and scope of the role is very broad, at one moment I could be in a technical discussion on setting up new League of Legends platforms, and the next I am talking to our marketing team about nation-wide advertising campaigns.

I love to travel, and my work often takes me to sunny California where Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, is based. I similarly have to spend time with each of the regional Garena League of Legends teams, located in places such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines and Vietnam. The internet has certainly made working across time zones and oceans possible, but there really is no substitute to being in the same physical space when it comes to collaboration.

Is the work demanding, with new challenges to tackle every day? Yes, it is. But I would not have it any other way, as this is also what makes it so immensely satisfying. I count myself very lucky indeed to be able to pursue my passion for gaming while being able to develop myself professionally, and this could not have happened anywhere else but at Garena.

Jason - Director, Strategic Partnership


As a Quality Assurance Manager, my work is to ensure that all Garena products under development are free from flaws by the highest standard possible, before releasing it to millions of gamers globally. If I had to describe my job duty in one word, it will be 'responsibility'. Great responsibility often comes with great stress, but thanks to the supportive colleagues and conducive working enviroment at Garena, I am able to have a good balance of work and life. At the same time, it is a fun and fulfilling journey to grow with the company.



Xiyan - Quality Assurance Manager

Graduate from Tsinghua University
5 years working experience at Baidu


Being the person in-charge of the Garena Community, means that, I don't have a fixed daily routine job scope, but rather, I respond to the needs and wants of gamers who have voiced their opinions and have been yearning to be heard. I do this mainly through organizing offline events that offer more personal interaction with every individual gamer.

I feel that gamers appreciate the chance to meet and give feedback face to face. Events that I organise are always to give back to the Community, and my greatest reward is definitely the happy smiles on the faces of participating gamers.

The Community of gamers want to be heard, and it is my job to ensure that this happens.

Hammy - Assistant Manager Game Operation


Hardcore gamer
Community leader


Fresh Graduate from NUS

As a graduate from National University of Singapore with a major in computer engineering, I am now working as a software engineer and currently leading the development of Garena Talk. I love creating cool software and making things happen for everyone through technology. That's the reason I chose Garena, and Garena doesn't let me down. From my first day at work, I was so impressed by the dynamic and creative working environment where one feels like being part of a big family. In Garena, I always have the opportunity to grow and learn while being able to pursue my passion in software design and development.

Jiaqiang - Software Engineer